Our Facility

Independence Dentist exam room

Our treatment rooms are furnished with the latest equipment including massaging treatment chairs.

You will enjoy our brand new office that was built in 2008. Your experience will start with the plush inviting reception area, which is comfortably appointed with only the best, most suitable furniture to make you feel right at home.

Our office has only the latest in technology that enables us to deliver the best dentistry available. We are only 1 of 2 offices in Missouri that has treated sterilized pure water in all of our treatment delivery units. This means that your care and safety are our #1 concern.

We also use only digital x-rays which mean far less radiation exposure to you. Each of our 10 treatment rooms is completely furnished with the latest equipment, including leather, massaging treatment chairs for your comfort.

"“My character is one who is always nervous, but knowing this and controlling this are two separate things. The key for me is knowing that no matter what the situation, I could not be in better hands. Thank you to you and your staff. You are all so wonderful. God bless you all!”"

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