Cosmetic Solutions

A team member consults with a patient

You have found the best office in the Midwest to come for your cosmetic concerns and desires. We not only strive to make teeth look natural, real, and beautiful, but we take it a step further. We make it look good on you. Every person that comes here has a different portrait.

Let me explain. Your teeth are the picture, but yet that doesn’t necessarily look good if you just focus on the teeth. We take into consideration things such as your skin tone, lips and your jaw and bite relationship. This is the frame that goes around the picture, and we need to make them look great together.

You are an individual who we have to customize what looks good in the portrait. We don’t decide what you get, we just help guide you and are here to offer advice. We are here to make sure you get the Best!

Drs. Elias and Opdahl are 2 of about 250 Accredited Dentists in the world by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Yes, right here in this office are two of the best in the world. Further, Dr. Bowen is part of the AACD and is getting coached to perform at the highest level possible.

"“My character is one who is always nervous, but knowing this and controlling this are two separate things. The key for me is knowing that no matter what the situation, I could not be in better hands. Thank you to you and your staff. You are all so wonderful. God bless you all!”"

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