Dental Solutions

Independence Dentist Dr. Opdhal and a patient

We feel God has blessed us in some very unique ways. We have the ability to help people with some very incredible techniques and expertise. Our team of Doctors have the highest of credentialing and abilities to make some incredible differences.

We perform everything from simple, basic dentistry to really elaborate and challenging cases with people who have real fears and anxieties that have left them stranded from getting the care that they need.

We are consummate dentists that look to help our patients with many different options. We know that every person that walks into our office is different. We know that every person that walks into our office has a different budget. We know that every person has real fears, concerns, and anxieties. Most of all, we know that every person that comes in here we want to help. Let us know how we can help you with your concerns and desires.

We are unique, and so are you.

"“Thanks to your magic touch (and maybe a precision instrument or two) my teeth feel almost normal again, and what a relief that is after feeling weird for several weeks. You’re the best!”"

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