Patient Appreciation

Collage of photos from patient appreciation party

Scenes from our patient appreciation party.

Our vision includes a healthy, family style relationship that grows and is nurtured along the way. As with any great relationship, there is a give and take. We feel very proud and honored to have wonderful people come here to our office. Further, we feel blessed to get all of the friends and family that are referred to our office.

In part, our gift first and foremost is ensuring that we give you our very best in dentistry, and to do so in a manor that best suits your needs and desires. We want to do this where there is an open dialect on both sides. We strive for excellence, and great rapport is part of us and our relationship with you.

Further, in appreciation, we like to get to know you outside of our office. Every other year we host a patient appreciation party at our office. Our last party had over 600 guests. We had a number of fun games and giveaways.

"“Dean and I appreciate your positive customer service attitude and the thorough dental care. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.”"
Dean & Gayle

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